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The power and honesty of sound is a powerful thing.  These links below will give you additional, valuable, real insight into this journey:


These digitally written words (whether brief or long) truly have a valuable point of view that can add to the impact on our knowledge base.

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When “keywords” and analytics are not important, and the writing style is less of an opinion and more of state of position, fact and/or occurrence, articles can be a difference maker to enhance our knowledge base.

Associated with “White Privilege Through Transracial Adoptee Eyes” Blog


Websites, Books + more for further, informative additions that will enhance our compassion and perspectives.

  • All You Can Ever Know: A Memoir – book by Nicole Chung
  • The Science of Parenting Adopted Children – book by Arleta James, LPCC
  • Bitterroot: A Salish Memoir of Transracial Adoption – book by Susan Devan Harness
  • Child Welfare Information Gateway – website
  • Tell Me About The Night I Was Born – children’s book by Jamie Lee Curtis

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