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Changing the culture and misconceptions of Adoption/Foster Care

Adoption/Foster Care

Our series of educational workshops are designed around topics that can help enhance understanding, coping, and managing the unique psychological and behavioral needs of the family, while also competently navigating societal reactions to their differences.

Proactive education helps a family to react with understanding.

There is so much that goes into parenting in order to maintain family wellness. Just as an expectant mother might read popular books on child-rearing in order to better prepare, Adoption Perspectives brings a similar, yet unique, preparation experience for adoption and/or foster care families.  Our workshops work for both future families and those that are already on their journey. Upcoming workshops

Our workshops are for

  • Adoptee(s) 18+
  • Adoptive parents
  • Foster parents
  • Extended family members
  • God parents
  • Interested persons within the close family support network

Full day Educational Workshop Topics:

  • Core Issues in Adoption/Foster care
  • The Complexities of Transracial Adoption/Foster Care
  • Search and Reunion
  • Neurological and Mental Health Impacts in Adoption/Foster Care

Please note that these workshops are in a group setting.  If private discussions or consultation are required, please visit the Our Journey area for information on our professionals and their backgrounds.

Please see our Resources area for more information and insight.

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