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  • Consulting

The union of organizations and the professionals within are critical to shaping journeys

Consulting with Adoption Perspectives

The goal is to expand the knowledge, understanding, and competencies of personnel and/or staff within organizations.  These consultations can be provided on or off-site to accommodate any size and modified to fit various personnel and levels of involvement.

  • Better equip personnel at all levels + exposure.
  • Specialize training to fit unique needs + situations.
  • Attention specific to the organization.
  • Sized for one-on-one or group case consultations.
  • Timely, clinical supervision.


  • Adoption
  • Foster Care
  • Mental Health
  • Social Service(s)
  • Private Practitioner(s)
  • Clinical Supervisor(s)
  • Case Manager(s)
  • Primary Care Provider(s)
  • Pediatric
  • Schools
  • Child Care Center(s)
  • Direct Line Staff

What people are saying about our Consulting Services

“Marcella and Patricia are two very experienced and dedicated professionals.  Any organization able to schedule time with them in a group or individual setting will be glad they did, but also inspired and hopeful for those families and children they affect.”

“Marcella and Patricia were skilled facilitators…..It became very obvious that much thought and
preparation had been put into both the (workshop’s) content and logistics. Marcella and Patricia were
superb listeners and both showed tremendous skill in helping to navigate all areas of concern with the
workshop participants, for both those in the event space itself and for remote participants such as
ourselves. After the workshop ended and our remote call-in was over, we felt better equipped to
support our son in his search. What might have been a very impersonal experience had, in fact,
become a highly personal one.”

“Marcella and Patricia are eminently professional and superbly skilled clinically.  They are compassionate and empathetic while also being very practical. Both demonstrate great follow-through and their comments and analysis reflect keen intellect and deep thought.   In many, many later conversations on a myriad of issues, their ideas and approaches seem timely and up-to-date. Both Marcella and Patricia are open to new ideas and new ways of thinking.  In short, Marcella and Patricia have much to offer to individuals and organizations looking for guidance, understanding and practical solutions to all issues related to the adoption experience.   And we suspect, that they are equally talented in issues that are not adoption-related but that all of us may experience at one time or another. We certainly have benefited from their skills and have full confidence that others can too.”

We also offer a competency series for professionals under our Training Service(s). These are single day seminars that are uniquely created and relevant to expanding clinical skill sets for any and all professionals.