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Family Separation Triggers In Movies

Identifying what adopted/foster care children see in movies A couple of months ago, the foster parent of one of my clients sent me a frantic email stating, “She can’t stop crying. I don’t understand what’s going on.” I spoke with this foster mother and used a technique I frequently use with my clients and their […]

Anticipating Core Issues In Adoption/FosterCare

7 Core Issues Parents Need To Be Aware + Mindful of Always Awhile back, I found myself wondering aloud to my family about how to resolve a personal conflict and nurture someone back into my life who had distanced themselves. As my one-sided dialogue meandered, I stopped when my 20-year-old adopted daughter said with an […]

White Privilege Through Transracial Adoptee Eyes

Steps the Adoption/Foster Care Communities Can Take to Combat White Privilege “How lucky you are to get to rant about discrimination and the hatred of white privilege that luckily pulled you out of Columbia (this individual meant to say Colombia) and put you in a family that loves you despite your arrogance….” I’ll let that […]

We Stand Against Systemic Racism

Special Letter To Our Community Dear Adoption Perspectives Community, Our hearts are heavy, as we know many of yours are too. We are writing in response to the tragic events that continue to erupt throughout our nation and we acknowledge the anger, sadness and pain that is rippling through the country.  We are appalled by the […]

Reflecting On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day – Significant and Complex With Mother’s Day just behind us, it’s hard not to contemplate the complex meaning of this significant day for myself, my children, and their birth mothers. The month of May tends to bring on reflection of my memories of this special day, recounting the years when I struggled with […]

Support, Safety and Security In Uncertain Times

Lessons & Support Ideas in the Midst of COVID-19 The COVID–19 pandemic has rapidly transformed the world we live in. All around us, we are faced with uncertainty, worry, sadness, and fear. Never in a million years did I ever anticipate living in this kind of situation, and as each day goes by, I am […]

Battle Adoptive Family Distress From Day One

Minimize distress + anxiety with an open communication journey—immediately I recently read about new research that supported what I’ve known intuitively since becoming an adoptive parent: Children who learn that they are adopted later than three years old experience an increased level of emotional distress and more overall life dissatisfaction than children who learn by […]

Enhance Provider Relationship To Promote Healing

Healthcare providers, we can enhance relationship + experience. Understanding the mentality and feelings of individuals who have experienced adoption or foster care without having a direct connection to either community or the proper insight into the lifelong impacts of adoption/foster care is complicated. The complex nature of these systems can leave healthcare providers feeling as […]

A Privilege From Tragedy To Treasure

An Adoption Perspective from an Adoptive Mom “A child born to another woman calls me mom. The depth of the tragedy and the magnitude of the privilege are not lost on me.” -Jody Landers, Blogger: Love What Matters Every single day since I became an adoptive mom, I have lived these words. There was a […]

Coming Out Of The Fog

Coming to terms with my adoption I first learned about the term “coming out of the fog” when doing some prep work for a presentation a few years ago on core issues in adoption. The phrase refers to adoptees coming to terms with feelings and realizations in regards to adoption. Many times this increase in […]