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[From left to right] Marcella Moslow, Patricia Jones

Shaping journeys begins with a preview of our unique company

There’s something very exciting about launching a new company.  Creating the look and feel, formulating strategy, planning events, and getting goosebumps as you get to see the preview of the finished product(s) that emphasize your unique position as you bring your service closer to the general public.  Adoption Perspectives, LLC website is functional and live, and we plan to meet our scheduled launch date, November 1, 2019, National Adoption Awareness Month.

This article previews our services and a couple upcoming events, as well as teases at upcoming blog(s), newsletter, and intentions to have a podcast as soon as possible.

Adoption Perspectives LLC provides the following on adoption and/or foster care:
  • Education:  Comprehensive workshops for parents, children,  and family members to learn, express, and help prepare.
  • Training:  Series of seminars for professional individuals linked to adoption and/or foster care (ie: agencies, social workers)
  • Resources:  Carefully selected material that can come from articles, biographies, blogs and more, surrounding adoption + foster care topics.
  • Consulting:  We provide consultation services to meet all levels of organizational needs.

Our journey is unique as is our passion for the subject matter.  Families of adoption and/or foster care and those close to them deserve a change in the narrative. They deserve committed advocates that have first-hand knowledge and experience, as well as the professional background(s) to provide honest feedback and insight.  Agencies and their personnel providing services in areas related to adoption and/or foster care also deserve a new perspective, and more educational tools to maximize their positive impact on those seeking their assistance.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we look forward to sharing so much with you.

Shaping journeys,
Patricia Jones + Marcella Moslow

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