Shaping journeys

It is more than just a slogan…it is the truth of what we do

The slogan of Adoption Perspectives, LLC is shaping journeys.  Believe us when we tell you, there were a lot of potential slogans to work through, emotions to put in check, as we tried to get to the core of what we do in just a few words.  Narrowing our focus, sharpening our synonyms, and discovering how what we are about to embark on is truly going to affect generations of children and families, led us to the journey–and then from there it was so easy.

Shaping journeys.  Through education, training, resources and consultation, it is our genuine and unique perspectives that will allow us to reach this growing segment of the population (and those associated with it professionally) in order to begin to change the adoption and foster care narratives to inspire compassion and connection.

We look forward to shaping journeys with you, as we work hard to bring Adoption Perspectives LLC out to the general public in the fall of this year.

Shaping journeys,
Patricia Jones + Marcella Moslow

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