Shaping perspectives and changing the culture of adoption and foster care


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Our Mission

Adoption Perspectives personal position and unique, proactive support, education, resources and training will help guide families and professionals in navigating the culture of adoption and foster care, shaping journeys to inspire compassion and connection.

What our clients say about us

“They created a very detailed presentation with thoughtful and personal suggestions interwoven with the material, researching and providing additional resource sites, and responded to the participant’s questions with understanding guidance and compassion.”

“You have helped us better understand the layers and complications involved in navigating discussions and issues that have arisen and are yet to come.”

“They are bringing issues to the discussion with candor, conviction and an extraordinary amount of preparation.”

“Marcella and Patricia have been life savers for us! The adoption journey brings many challenges, and
they provide a unique and vital perspective that has empowered us to find the resources we and our
children need.”

“Marcella and Patricia provide a unique and vital perspective on the difficult issues adoptive parents and
children must navigate through. Not only are they dedicated professional counselors but as an adoptive
mother of two and an adoptee, they bring a personal and deep understanding of the adoption journey.
They have a passion to bring awareness to the challenges that are inherent in this journey and with this
knowledge comes power for adoptive parents and children to meet these challenges head on. They
have been invaluable to us as they have let us know we are not alone and pointed us toward cutting
edge approaches that have been a tremendous help.”

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